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Searching for more of God?

Want more understanding of the Book of Revelation?
Need a personal relationship with Jesus Christ? 
God has sent a Message to His people for this time.
We want to point you in the right direction and offer a range of Christian Messages as articles, video and MP3 for you to consider and pray about.


God speaks through the Bible but the Bible has specific verses, specific books for specific times. All of the Bible is true but there is a time for scripture to  become reality. The Message is the revelation of the scriptures that are for today. there is nothing new, noting added, but the light now shines on what God want us to see today.

Jesus Himself went into the synagogue in Nazareth and read verse 1 and half of verse 2 of Isaiah 61. That's all just one and half verses. And then He said, "This day is this scripture fulfilled in your ears." Only verse one and only half of verse two were being fulfilled at that time. The second half of verse 2 and verse 3 are for a future time, they are still to be fulfilled. 

Many Bible mysteries are left until the end time according to Daniel, but according to Revelation 10 v7 all those mysteries would be finished by the seventh angel. That will have to include the book of Revelation itself, the seven seals, the Rapture and much more.  Also according to Malachi 4 the prophet Elijah will return to turn the hearts of us Christian children back to the faith of the original church in the book of Acts. 

God has always used men and women. God came down to take His people out of Egypt and so He sent Moses. Jesus Christ came with the message of grace, of His Sacrifice able to save us all if we believe, so He sent 12 Apostles into the world.

Jesus promised to send a prophet with the spirit of Elijah to restore all things (Matt 17 v11). If Christianity is God's move on from Judaism, and it is, then "restoration" can only be to us Gentiles. It is a restoriation of all things Christian.

For example everyone baptised in the New Testament was baptised in Jesus name. Today most people are baptised in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Ghost. That change only occurred in the second century AD. Why drop the name above all names when we are being born again into God's family? We don't want our Father's titles, we want His name!

Did those early apostles newly filled with God's Holy Spirit get it wrong?

I don't think so. There has to be a restoration, we have to realign ourselves with God's Word. And who  better to tell us than a prophet of God. That prophet comes to restore Christian things. 

Restore what things?

To restore Christian Truth when so many Christian Denominations have turned away from believing the Bible, to restore Christian Faith to its the Acts of the Apostles level, restore the position of True Believers as the True Church, the Bride of Jesus Christ.

This end time Gentile prophet will bring God's Message to correct errors, to teach us the End Time Secrets promised since Daniel. He will lead us to a personal relationship with Jesus Christ, not himself. He will always point to the risen Lord.

God has sent this prophet at a time when church denominations have become man made organisations, dabbling in world politics and concentrating on social work instead of preaching the Gospel.

The name of this prophet is William Branham.

No one should worship Elijah or Moses or Isaiah, no one should worship William Branham, but if God sent a prophet for this time doesn't it make sense to check it out?

His ministry was an unsung world wide magnificent manifestation of Jesus Christ operating through a humble man. The dead were raised, the sick healed, the scriptural sign of a true prophet given. Branham's simplistic preaching and teaching opens up the Bible as nothing else.

Yet it is claimed by Roberts Liardon and others that Branham's teaching "went off at the end."

Branham preached the Bible. Liardon is a denominational church man with his own demons now. Of course a prophet of God would teach things denominations would think wrong. That has always been the way of God's prophets. 

Three Christian leaders stand supreme in the last century, Oral Roberts, Billy Graham and William Branham. Of the three the greatest impact world wide has been, and still is, William Branham. He was just a man, but God uses men. He only pointed to Jesus Christ and he only preached the Bible. And that is the Message.

We are warned that even the elect would be deceived if it were possible. But it isn't possible. God will not let any of His elect fail, no one can take them from God's hand.

This Web Site offers the chance to check out the Message. We present some of the teachings (and they are all scriptural.)

As a personal note: unlike any denomination I have been in, or have studied, this Message is the only source of Bible teaching that makes the whole Bible make sense.

And we offer links to other Message sites too !!!


Jesus is to return to prepare a people for the catching away of 2 Thessalonians 4. Jesus is the Word of God and the Word of God comes through a prophet. So the Prophet God sent in the spirit of Elijah preached many sermons from the late nineteen forties to December 1965 many of which were recorded recorded. This, we believe, is the Message of God for this time. It is the shout of 2 Thess 4 v16, the beginning of the Rapture process. Those recorded sermons has prepared many Apostles, Prophets, Pastors, Evangelists and Teachers, to spread the Word of the hour throughout the world to all who will listen.

There is no denomination, no head office, no organisation behind this move of God, just tens of thousands of individual sovereign churches throughout the world preaching the end time Bible truths, the Message of the Hour. We each do what we believe Jesus Christ calls us to do.

It's exciting. It is Christianity in action just as it was in the Book of Acts.

The Message is Jesus' call back to the Word of God, the Bible and an individual personal relationship with Him. This Message has come through a prophet of God with a level of vindication not seen since Jesus of Nazareth. (John 14 v12) Scorned by some, written off as failing at the end by most Pentecostal teachers, William Branham built on the  Pentecostal or Charismatic experience to reveal the deeper Word of God for today in the Bible. Jesus Christ is the Word. A prophet with a discernment and healing ministry similar to that of Jesus is a sign. Such a prophet is only a brother but a true prophet brings God's Word for Today!I believe that this is the secret coming of Christ, He comes in Word form. Do not make the mistake of worshipping the Prophet or Messenger, worship only God revealed in Christ. Some of what we teach and preach may be new to you. It may not match denominational church theology, but it does match the Bible. We do not want to point to ourselves a church or denomination. We are pointing to Jesus Christ. We want you to be a part of God's Word for today, a part of the true body of Christ Himself here on earth and into the Rapture. 
Please feel free to ask questions through our Contact tab.

May our Lord Jesus Christ richly bless you,
Richard Oliver

Below is a video teaching on the change from Aaron's Priesthood to Christ.