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Welcome to the Eltham Message Church Site

Jesus Christ's Message for us today is already in the Bible. It describes our personal spiritual state and that of the church. (1) It also describes what we are to do about it. (2)  Many know what Jesus has done in the past, some even know what He is going to do, but most miss what He is doing right now. The "Message" has all this and it explains how God is sharing those things with us now. (3) 

Refs: (1) Revelation 3 v14-22, (2)  Revelation 18 v4, (3) Luke 17 v30  & 1 Thessalonians 4 v16-17, Matthew 17 v11, Malachi 4 v5-6 & Revelation 10 v7

God reveals His Message by making Bible a reality. His sheep hear His voice, accept and act on Acts 2 v38 and follow the leading of Jesus' Holy Spirit. We are not to  make another denomination, but to encourage each and every Christian to meet with, and walk with, our Lord Jesus Christ; King of Kings and Lord of Lords.

The Message is God's restoration plan from "churchianity" to a Holy Spirit led people.

There are 5 Elijah's, or 5 men with the Spirit of Elijah, in the Bible

That there have been Seven Church Ages since Christ is the key to understanding the book of Revelation.

The Original Sin of Genesis 3 has, and will always, produce a false life.

The Seven Seals are a revelation of God's plan from the cross to the end of this world.

The Message "contains three themes;

  • God's call for us to return to leadership of the Holy Spirit and the Word
  • The restoration of same understanding and faith that the church of the book of Acts had,
  • The revealing of Biblical secrets such as Daniel's prophecy and the book of Revelation

That may all sound scary but don't panic!  

This web site is merely an introduction to the Message and the prophet. You can even ask questions through email or snail mail!  

Please feel free to check it all out and see! May God bless you.

Some subjects

Personally Speaking

Any child of God would respond to the messages William Branham preached for they all point to Jesus Christ. His sermons make the Scriptures clear, linking themes from Genesis to Revelation, and they make the Bible alive.

May our Lord Jesus Christ guide you in all truth and richly bless you,

Richard Oliver

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Who is this Melchisedec    The High Priest

 - Revelation Series

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  On the Road    Three Kings    Adam & God

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A song & lyrics by Graham Oliver: "The Meaning of Love"  Sung by (L-R) Vicky, Philip (Fish) Simon & Graham at "Harmony in New Zealand" at Kaiapoi


Below is a video teaching on the change from Aaron's Priesthood to Christ.