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The Message of God for today is: 

This includes;

Key Points

There is One God revealed in three offices, not three individual people making one God. There is One God and His name is Jesus Christ.

Jesus Christ has sent a message. Jesus is the Word of God and He calls us to a personal walk with Him. The knowledge and understanding we need is already in the Bible but it is hidden in parables and clouded by our own western culture, modern theological teachings and denominational dogma. 

God sent a messenger, William Branham, as important as Luther and Wesley in their day, to our generation. (Do not worship the messenger but respond to the Message.) The revelation of Jesus Christ, being the same yesterday today and forever is the "secret coming of Christ" and is  "the Shout" of 1 Thessalonians 4 v16-17. The Rapture process is underway!

Personally Speaking

Any child of God would respond to the messages William Branham preached for they all point to Jesus Christ. His sermons make the Scriptures clear, linking themes from Genesis to Revelation, and they make the Bible alive.

William Marrion Branham preached over 1,100 recorded messages from 1946 to his death in 1965.  Articles on this site are no more than brief introductions to subjects and teachings from some of those sermons.The teachings, although sometimes at odds with some denominational doctrines and traditions, are all Scriptural and are linked from Genesis to Revelation.

Any Bible student would expect a prophet sent by God to preach against orthodox teachings. That why prophets are sent and that is what God's prophets always do. )

Jesus promised to send a man with the spirit of Elijah with a message of restoration; Matthew 17 v11. This is also stated at the end of the Old Testament in Malachi 4 v5-6. It is a message to call us from organised Christianity (Revelation 18 v4) and back to a personal relationship with our Lord Jesus Christ through the indwelling Holy Spirit. His message will also, according to Revelation 10 v7, reveal the mysteries sealed for the end times. These are such things as Daniel's vision, correct Water Baptism and the Seven Seals of the book of Revelation 

May our Lord Jesus Christ guide you in all truth and richly bless you,

Richard Oliver

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Who is this Melchisedec    The High Priest

 - Revelation Series

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A song & lyrics by Graham Oliver: "The Meaning of Love"  Sung by (L-R) Vicky, Philip (Fish) Simon & Graham at "Harmony in New Zealand" at Kaiapoi


Below is a video teaching on the change from Aaron's Priesthood to Christ.