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In all ages God has sent messages to messengers. In the Old Testament God told Noah to build an ark. He sent Moses to call out a people from slavery from Egypt and He sent Elijah the prophet to call people to choose between Baal (a man made god), and the true God, Jehovah. And of course Jesus Himself preached His message of grace instead of law. 

The same has happened in the Christian era too. In the 1500s Luther preached a message of Justification by Faith. From the mid 1700s Wesley preached Sanctification with holy living. Each message, and messenger, went against the church authorities of the time, exactly as happened to Jesus. And it has happened again.

Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today and forever, as Hebrews 13 v8 says. That means that Jesus will always act the same way. If He has sent messages and messengers in the past then He always will send messages through special messengers in the future. And it also means that there has to be a message and messenger for us today.

There were about 2,000 years from Abraham to Jesus Christ and about 2,000 from Christ to us. I think we must be close to the end of our time. There are lots of other signs of the end of course, but a pertinent one is that the last Church Age, Laodicea, will have a messenger, When we know today's messenger then listen to his message we have God's Word for today.

In the Laodicean Age, (Revelation 3 v14-22) our age, Jesus Christ is put outside the church, He is knocking at the door to get back in. (v20) The messenger calls people out of worshipping a religion to worship God with Revelation 18 v4, "Come out of her my people, that ye be not partakers of her sins, and you receive not of her plagues" 

Jesus said that Elijah was to come and restore all things (Matthew 17 v11), just as Malachi 4 verses 5 & 6 confirmed will be before the Great Tribulation. That restoration of the original Christian teachings, includes a return to water baptism by immersion in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ (Acts 2 v38-39).

Only one person's life in recent times has had the necessary ministry and teaching to match those scriptures and his name is William Branham. In his preaching (many of his sermons were recorded) he did restore original faith in one God, correct water baptism, the real baptism of the Holy Ghost and much more.

Another subject the Message must cover is the mystery of God. The trinity doctrine, at least in its extreme, has God as three separate persons, Father, Son and Holy Ghost. The concept is that the Father is not the Son, the Son is not the Holy Ghost and the Holy Ghost is neither the Son nor the Father. Unfortunately for Trinitarians the Bible does not agree. In Matthew 1 verse 18-20 it twice states that the Holy Ghost is the father of Jesus Christ. Then there is Isaiah 43 v10-11 which states that there is only one God and He is the Saviour. Finally the Holy Ghost is called the Spirit of Jesus in Romans 8 v9 (& Philippians 1 v19). And of course when Jesus said "Baptize in the name of the Father Son and Holy Ghost" Peter knew that there was only one name that fitted those three titles, the "Lord Jesus Christ". That was how the church of the book of Acts baptized people. When Paul in Acts 19 met believers who had not known of the Holy Ghost he questioned their baptism and had them re-baptized in Jesus name.

Finally the message reveals end time truths. There are verses in the Bible that apply to this day. As we are alive at this end time we need to know where to find those verses and understand what they say. Another issue is the book of Revelation, a mystery to the church and believers in times past. If the mystery of God is to be revealed by the seventh church age messenger as Revelation 10 v7 tells us then a coherent and complete teaching on this last book in the Bible is to be a sign that the messenger has arrived and the end is very near. And the message does just that, even linking sections to other scriptures such as the mysterious Seven Seals being in Matthew 24 and Luke 21. 

On a personal note I found the Message made the Bible alive. It had been a respected Holy book in my Methodist and Presbyterian days but to suddenly find that, for example, the Exodus from Egypt is a type (a parable, picture or analogy) of a Christian's life moving from slavery in Egypt to a Promised and that the Book of Ruth is a picture of a Gentile Bride linked to Israel returning to her homeland from 1946 makes it alive and absolutely relevant to me. It is also important in a global setting as it changes perception of the news and world events, especially those to do with Israel. Suddenly I saw that the Bible was not only in touch with today's world but the message tells us what will be tomorrows news.

William Branham (1908 - 1965) offered the signs of being a prophet, His ministry was world wide and miraculous. He was responsible for starting the Charismatic move into non Pentecostal denominational churches just after the Second World War and for inspiring people such as Oral Roberts and Tommy Hicks into healing ministries. Branham's sermons were often recorded and they are Message teachings. But it isn't the messenger William Branham that we take note of but the message of God he brings. While we acknowledge the church age messengers from St Paul through Iranaeus, Martin, Columba, Luther and Wesley to Branham it is Jesus Christ, the living Word of God, that we worship. 

In short then, the Message is God's call to Restore the Original Christian Message, to Reveal the End Time Secrets, and to Call out a Bride for Jesus Christ. And it is all firmly Bible based! 

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We are in the "End Times" just before judgment falls on the world. The events of Revelation, Matthew 24 and 25, I Thessalonians 4 and much more are all occurring now. The Message is to call out the true believers, not into a church or group or denomination, but into a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.

The Message is God's move as He prepares a the world for Judgment, the Church for Tribulation and the Bride for the Rapture.

Our short articles videos and web pages are only to point you to our Lord Jesus Christ, and also to resources for further study spiritual growth. We hope to add to them soon. 


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