The Message


The Message is God's call to Restore the Original Christian Message, to Reveal the End Time Secrets, and to Call out a Bride for Jesus Christ. And it is all firmly Bible based! 

Message Overview  A brief overview to get started.



We are in the "End Times" just before judgment falls on the world. The events of Revelation, Matthew 24 and 25, I Thessalonians 4 and much more are all occurring now. The Message is to call out the true believers, not into a church or group or denomination, but into a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.

The Message is God's move as He prepares a the world for Judgment, the Church for Tribulation and the Bride for the Rapture.

Our short articles and videos are only to point you to our Lord Jesus Christ, and also to resources for further study spiritual growth. We hope to add to them soon. 


Some further thoughts and articles, 

Can there be three Gods in One? And what name should be used in Water Baptism? The Godhead

Predestination does not exclude free will.

Every Message has to have a Messenger.

Just like Shadrach and his two friends we mustn't worship the Messenger but the God who sent the Message.

What is the Old Testament picture of a Messenger sent to find a bride?

But surely the Church is the Bride of Christ