MP3 Short Messages

 These MP3s are a study on the different subjects. Each teaching podcast takes about 4 to 18 minutes. Click on the chosen illustrated picture to start the podcast. Or, if you prefer to read rather than listen, click on the book illustration.



Esther is a book that some thought shouldn't be in the Bible, it doesn't even mention God. But it is a book about today, the Vashti Church and what the King is doing.




Some believe that three people are God yet the Bible tells us that the Godhead bodily was in Jesus. Isaiah 43 v10-11 tells us there is only one God and He only is our Saviour.




Jesus told the two disciples on the road to Emmaus that his whole life, rejection death and resurrection, was written in the books of  Moses. By that He meant in the first five books of the Bible. Can you point to where?




Have you ever wondered why some spiritual leaders seem set on power, authority and gain? Based on "A Tale of Three Kings" it explains and teaches much.




Unless you are born of Jewish parents you are a Gentile. And the Gentiles are not God's favourite people. Yet from us Gentiles came the only four women mentioned in the geneology of Christ. Ruth is one of those.