BBC Bible Believers Corner

Short Message Articles Used In Local Press

BBC or Bible Believers Corner was a form of outreach through local Taranaki newspapers. Originally called Bible Bashers Corner it was, and still is, a little bit of salt aimed to make Bible Believers thirsty for more solid Bible Teaching.

That it has an effect and is often well received is well known although no article has yet brought a person to our church! We just pray that the Word will have an effect. After all if we do not cast our bread upon the waters how can it return to us at some stage in the future?

If anyone wants to copy or use some of these feel free to do so and may God bless you.



Seven Seals Part 2

The Book of Revelation is a book of symbols, and the Seven Seals are exactly that, symbols. Each of the four horses in the first four seals represent truths in symbol form. For example in the Bible a king riding on a horse indicates he is a warrior whereas a king riding on a donkey means he comes in peace.

The colour of the horse means a lot too. White is either purity or a deceit for purity, red is, of course, war. black is darkness. The pale horse is simply a mixture of all three. Even the use of a horse is significant as a horse represents authority and power.

Each horses is shown to the Apostle John by one of four beasts that surround God’s throne. A beast also represents power and the type of beast reveals the type of strength or power being used. The description of those beasts (Ezekiel 1 v10) matches what John saw in Revelation 4, a lion, a calf, a man and an eagle.

So just what is described in the opening of those seals?

Christ broke the first seal and the Lion shows John a rider on a white horse. That rider is out to conquer and looks like Jesus of Revelation 19 v11-16. But this one comes with a bow, which means he has a lying tongue, and he is crowned with authority.

The second seal is the same rider making war on the second beast, the sacrificial Calf. He has a sword, representing a powerful word.

The third horse represents the Dark Ages and the crowned horse rider has by now gained control of trade. God’s beast opposing him is the Man, representing intellect. The Dark Ages were spiritually broken by the intelligence of men when Bibles were translated and printed in living languages instead of just Latin.

Finally the pale horse rider is exposed by the eagle. All previous representations of God’s powerful beasts were earth bound creatures but the eagle is heaven bound.

How do we know if all this is a correct interpretation?

We check the Bible. God is is own interpreter, it must be already in the Bible.

And in Matthew 24 verses 4-8 we have the first four seals.

Can you see them?


Richard Oliver