Daniel's 70 Weeks

Daniels 70 weeks has been of interest to many Bible readers. Teachers have tried to work it all out many times often having to manipulate things to make them fit.

My version is based on a sermon by Steven Strooh given at Believers Christian Fellowship in Lima, Ohio, a couple of years ago. I presented the thoughts  on Keynote/Powerpoint for our church and that is downloadable here.



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The basic concept is this.

70 weeks is seventy 7 year periods of time. Jacob had to work 7 years for Leah and another week (7 years) for Rachael.

It is important to know when to start counting. Daniel 9 v25 gives the clue, when the order is given for Jerusalem to be rebuilt. Note, Jerusalem, not the walls, not the temple, but the city itself. And it will be in troublesome times. King Artaxerxes gives that order in 445 to Nehemiah.

This gives a finish date of 38 AD, there must be more to work out. God's years are 360 days, not 365.242 days. Daniel 7 v25 also describes people who change times. Both Julius Caesar and Pope Gregory did that.  Also when we go from BC to AD, past the year 0 this is two years.

Luke 1 v1-3 accurately sets the time for John the Baptist and Jesus' Baptism as 29 AD.

John the Baptist's and Jesus ministry is 3.5 years, half a week.

That still leaves half a week but that is covered by Moses and Elijah when they preach to Israel in Revelation 11 v3

And the end of that half week sets in motion WW3, destruction of Babylon the Great and Israel which triggers the return of Christ.