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When God does anything He always sends a man to proclaim what His plans are. It happened in the Old Testament when He brought Israel out of Egypt in the first Exodus. Moses was the reluctant, but chosen, man.

When God was to call His people from legal Judaism through Jesus Christ He sent John the Baptist to prepare the way.

We are now at a major turning point in history again. Signs and prophecies indicate that. Israel is, after nearly two thousand years, once again a nation in her homeland, the western world is turning its back on Christianity, banning the Bible from schools, changing laws so that homosexuals, not so many years ago considered criminals, now have the same right to marry as heterosexuals while divorce and remarriage has, since records began, never been higher.

For many Christians these and many other such indicators are signs that the promised return of Christ is nearer than ever.

Before that happens though, there is to be a catching away or Rapture of true believers; as illustrated by Christ’s parable of the five wise and five foolish virgins. There also has to be a remnant, those foolish virgins who go through the tribulation period. But first a call goes out, “The Bridgroom Cometh.”

And that is the Message.

And, as He always has done, God sends a man with that message.

There has never been a better documented nor as spectacularly supernatural ministry since Jesus of Nazareth as the ministry of William Marrion Branham. Healings, raising of the dead, spiritual discernment and much, much more occurred all the time of his world wide ministry between 1947 and 1965.

But those things are only to catch the attention. What God did in William Branham was to send a man with the spirit of Elijah to restore the Word of God, the faith and the original understanding of the church of the book of Acts. He also revealed many mysteries about end time events, and taught how to prepare for Christ’s return. This Messenger simply fulfilled scriptures such as Matthew 17 v11, Malachi 4 v5-6, Luke 17 v30 and Revelation 10 v7 to name a few but he always pointed to Jesus Christ and God’s kingdom.

Why isn’t Branham better known?

Partly because many denominations stay within the doctrine of their founder, while many others have accepted a modern theology where supernatural things are scorned and social work has replaced faith.

Many of the Pentecostal group of denominations are far more aware of William Branham but they teach that he went off in his doctrines at the end. This of course scares all but the determined away from his teachings.

One of the basic teachings Branham had was how to understand the Bible the way God intended. This was made clear to the two disciples on the Road to Emmaus. Types and Patterns, or parables is the way Jesus taught, but as  Jesus is the Word of God and the Bible is also the Word of God, then the Bible, as well as being true, is also parables.

For example what does harvest time represent?

Why else is Ruth, a gentile, brought to glean at harvest time when Naomi (Israel) returns to her homeland?

Why else is Esther made Queen over Vashti?  Vashti had to obey the King’s command delivered by seven messengers or chamberlains. Has today’s church refused to listen to the King’s message delivered by 7 messengers of Revelation 2 & 3? Will the result be a modern Queen Esther chosen from out of all denominations to rule with Christ?

Why were the letters addressed to the angels of the seven churches?

Who rides the 4 horses of the apocalypse?

What are the seven seals?

Where is the USA in the book of Revelation and what is the beast that was, is not yet is?

And how can Jesus be a son of God, yet be God?


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