Abraham and his 318 trained men chased raiding kings from the the plains of Mamre (South of Jerusalem and near the red letter D for Dead Sea on the map) through the Jordan valley past Galilee right up to the northern parts of what would become Dan to rescue Abraham's nephew Lot.

They attacked the kings at night and defeated them. On their return with all the riches the kings had taken from Sodom Abraham was met by Melchisedec. Abraham gave tithes to this king. Most of these kings names appear in ancient histories except this King. He is mentioned again in Psalm 110 v4 and finally in Hebrews 7.

Who was this Melchisedec?


Who Is This Melchisedec?

 This simplified video presentation is based on Brother William Brnaham's sermon of the same name. Of course his message goes far deeper and is well worth listening to.

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