Ministry Problems and Temptations

Authority in the church is a major issue. Who has the final say? The Pastor? The Bishop or Arch Bishop? The Pope or the Committee?

Or is it God? 

Some people, especially ministry, can see themselves as being more than leaders in the Word. They act as if they are king of the church. That is, of course, a modern, and not too subtle, version of the Nicolaitane spirit.

God is the final authority, He is King, He alone is to lead each and every church member through the indwelling of the Holy Spirit. When it comes to church matters a Pastor has only one vote, the same as any member of the congregation.

And the practice of "Clothes Line" preaching, personal attacks on individuals, is no more than a King Saul throwing spears at a David.

The People

In 1 Samuel chapter 8 the people want to be organised like the nations around them. They want a king. They have the prophet Samuel who tells them what God says but they want a man to organise things the way the world organises things. They want a boss, a king, someone who will tell them what to do, someone they can put their responsibility on. God tells Samuel that the people haven't rejected him as prophet, they have rejected God Himself. They want human leadership, not Holy Spirit leadership.

And that is what has happened throughout history and why we have so many different denominations.