This Week's Message

Each week I try and produce a Christian article. This is the latest BBC (Bible Believers Corner), short articles written for the Opunake and Coastal News.

May God bless you 

B.B.C. (Bible Believers Corner) 


Why even consider Christianity as an option for life?

There are several reasons.

Firstly it is historically true. Western historical dates are based on the birth of Christ. Our dating system is either BC, “Before Christ”, or AD, “In the Year of our Lord”. Was all of history based on a fable? Unlikely, and there is enough evidence from people like Pliny the Younger Tacitus, Josephus and others to confirm the life death and resurrection of Jesus Christ as a historical fact. That isn’t even mentioning the four eyewitness accounts of Matthew, Mark, Luke and John or the writings of Paul.

Secondly it doesn’t stand alone as a weird unrelated belief. Christianity links to the One God beliefs of Judaism, and more recently Islam. It also aligns with other many other ancient writings.

Thirdly it is the source of Western Law, belief in human rights, and mercy. Although there are older laws and moral teachings, the Ten Commandments is the best. When the teachings of Christ, “Love God and love your neighbour as yourself”, are added then a workable legal system emerges.

Fourthly scientific research and the mathematical laws of chance reveal that life, the universe and everything, appears to be designed. While popular TV documentaries and modern philosophy extoll the grandiose scheme of chance, natural selection and survival of the fittest, the latest evidence points in a totally different direction. Tests prove that proteins cannot randomly link to create life. It is also mathematically impossible for mutations and chance to develop ever more complex life forms, even if there were billions of years available. And there aren’t. The “Cambrian Explosion” of complex life (10 to 20 million years) is all the time there is. Even then life arrives diverse and complete much as we know it today. And the informations stored in DNA points to life being created by a far greater intelligence than that of mankind.

Finally, for me, there is my own experience. Supernatural things have happened, and keep happening in my life that, as far as I can see, only the existence of a resurrected Jesus Christ can explain.

Why consider Christianity? 

Because it fits all the facts and it works.

Thoughts on This Weeks Message

From what we see in space galaxies are generally racing away from each other. Logic tells us that that means at one time there were all close together. It follows that they all came from the some point, Science calls that a singularity, something so small it takes no space and weighs nothing. We would say it is nothing. The Bible tells us the universe came from nothing.

Suddenly it explodes outward creating time and matter and energy. The Laws of science come into play. Gravity, the strong nulcear force, elctromagentic force and so on. Atoms are formed, They are atracted to others and planets are built. Some are so big their gravity forces atoms to fuse with others and a star is born, then another and another. They are attracted and galaxies come into existence. The expansion continues but from one planet circling a modest star the stars seem settled, motionless, almost eternal. Other planets also circle the star and from planet Earth they seem to go backwards, retrograde motion.

Now work out the maths. Just how hard would that initial kick off of our singularity have to be to ensure that all those stars and planets would be in exactly the right place so that three astronomers could see Jupiter cirlcing Regulus from Shusan to announce the coming of Christ.

And if you think that was pure chance study the stars at Christ's crucifixion.

Our God is incredible, so accurate, so precise, so perfect.